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 Purly Shurly

Exclusive Travel Club Offering Curated Luxury Experiences & Benefits

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Aerial View of Yacht

About Purly Shurly

Genesis Collection

300 single edition NFT collectibles

Secondary NFT Collection

Genesis holders are automatically 

whitelisted for the 2nd drop

Exclusive Travel Packages

Holders get exclusive access to purchase or redeem all inclusive travel packages


Earn pearls which can be redeemed for merchandise, discounts and unlockables

Exclusive Travel Club Offering Curated Luxury Experiences & Benefits


A collection of 300 single edition PFPs with 1/1 seascape backgrounds. 

Genesis Collection


Our mission is to contribute towards the protection and conservation of the oceans. 


Why is this our mission? The coral reefs are in mortal danger due to climate change, overfishing, oil spillage and general erosion.

These reefs provide more than half a billion people with food and income everyday, they provide shelter to marine species and protect cities from flooding. 


This is why we have created the Purly Shurly nft.

The Mission

So how does travelling help contribute to our mission? 

We are working with various coral regeneration programs which aim to restore and rebuild dead coral reefs. A percentage of our profits will be donated to these programs.

In addition, our hosted travel events will include educational activities which will teach and inform our participants on how they can contribute in saving the ocean.

As a holder, you get to decide how sustainably you travel ensuring efficient use of energy, Co2 and renewable resources.

Travel & Help


Our Roadmap

Q3 2022:

The launch of the Genesis Collection will commence with a supply of 300 NFTs.

Genesis holders will get access to the pre-sale of every future Purly Shurly Collection.


Q4 2022:

Genesis holders will be able to redeem their complementary physical fine art print.


We will begin the design and creation of our merchandise store!


Q1 2023:

We will be launching our main collection. ​

On sellout a percentage will be donated to Coral Regeneration Programs globally.


Holders will be able to aquire a certificate as proof of the coral garden planted by the community. 

Collection 2

Q2 2023:

Utility will be implemented and travel discounts will become available. 

We will be actively communicating with the community on the annual rewards they will receive.

We will also announce the luxury trip and how holders can get their tickets.

Travel Time

Genesis Holders are whitelisted for future Purly Shurly drops. 

Each Genesis NFT includes unlockable content in the form of a fine art seascape print. 

Secondary Collection Holders will be part of an exclusive travel club offering curated, luxury, all-inclusive travel experiences. 

The Utility?

Purly Says (1920 × 1080px) (3).png

The Team Behind


Artist / Photographer

PurlyShurly PFP JL.jpg

Project Manager / Web Developer


Developer / Technical Advisor


Marketer / Operations

Purly Says (1920 × 1080px) (4).png

Purly Shurly Details

What is the Genesis Price?

0.1Eth ~ $200

Secondary Collection?

0.17Eth ~ $350

When is Genesis Mint?

Q3 2022

Secondary Mint?

Q1 2023

Maximum per Wallet?

Maximum of 2 NFTs

How many Collections?

2 Incoming

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